More photos of our 36′ sailing catamaran, Kōlea

We are frequently asked to provide additional photos of our boat.
This post will give you a good idea of what it’s like onboard Kōlea.

Anchored at Pawai Bay in Kailua Kona Hawaii

The Main Deck

Kōleaʻs main deck is designed to accommodate up to 24 guests.
There is cushioned seating, tables and a large shade top for those who don’t want too much sun.
The nets at the bow are a great place to lounge.

Getting on and off the boat

We have a 22″ wide gangplank with railing which make it easy to get from the dock to the boat.
Guests with some physical challenges will appreciate how much the railings help.

We access the water using the steps at the stern.
From the bottom step a ladder extends underwater 4 additional steps.

The Head (aka the restroom)

The toilet onboard Kōlea uses a fresh water flush to avoid the bad smell
often encountered with ocean water flushing boat toilets.
There is also a wash basin for cleaning up.

Additional photos of life onboard Kōlea